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YouTuber tallied up the number of LEDs on the Nothing Phone 1.

Nothing Phone 1 LEDs

Nothing Phone 1 LEDs: Popular YouTuber Zack Nelson, who runs the Jerry Rig Everything channel, recently tore apart the new Nothing Phone 1. He said that if the video got at least 50,000 likes, he would count all the LEDs that make up the phone’s eye-catching Glyph Interface.

The challenge began when more than 100,000 people liked the video less than a day after it went live. On Monday, Nelson posted a video in which he carefully counted all of the phone’s LEDs.

For those who don’t know, the new Nothing Phone 1 stands out because its back is clear and shows some of the phone’s insides. It also has multiple LED strips that light up in different ways depending on what kind of alert or notification is coming. The lights also show how much power the phone has left and can be used to light up a subject when taking a picture in low light.

Nelson started the challenge by saying that the company behind the Nothing Phone 1 had already said that it had “more than 900 LEDs” in strips on the back of the device. The YouTuber then takes off the clear, white plastic pieces that were covering the lights and starts counting “every LED.”

The tedious process takes about 10 minutes, but at the end, it’s clear that the number will be far from Nothing says that the strips have at least 900 LEDs.

Nelson took a moment to think about what had happened. After carefully looking at the LEDs with a powerful close-up camera, he saw that they were actually twice as many in each strip. This made his count go up by a factor of two.

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