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YouTube Music will no longer recommend songs based on your location.

Youtube Music

The music streaming service is also getting rid of any information about your location.

YouTube Music uses location to recommend songs to users, but this will change soon.

The platform, which is owned by Google, said on its help page that precise location-based song recommendations will stop on September 26. YouTube Music uses your location to customize your music experience if you’ve given the app permission and opted into Google’s location history.

The music streaming service will stop showing Workout Essentials and Focus Supermix playlists. The service is also deleting location-based recommendations, settings, and permissions. Any location data is erased.

The service offers multiple ways to find new tunes. The home page’s activity bar recommends tracks for working out, focusing, and commuting. This is a “better way to soundtrack your day,” says the platform.

Google says it has found a new way to give personalized suggestions that doesn’t need your exact location information. Any old precise location data and any recommendations that were based on it will be thrown away.

But the service won’t stop using your location at all. Instead, it will use only an approximation of your location. So, you can still get suggestions based on the weather in your city or the most popular songs in your country. Google says that these changes happen on September 26.

Privacy advocates will probably cheer the change as the right thing to do, and we’re happy to hear that too. If you’re sad that location-based playlists are going away, remember that the change won’t happen for another month. This gives you time to put together dedicated playlists of the songs you’ll miss the most from those suggestions.

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