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YouTube could soon sell Amazon Prime-like streaming services.

YouTube Streaming

YouTube TV delivers live TV, VOD, and cloud-based DVR from numerous networks. Now, the corporation wants to expand to streaming.

The Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube is establishing an online marketplace where users can subscribe to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video Channels or Apple TV. The “channel store” platform should arrive this fall.

Google-owned YouTube has been working on the project for 18 months. YouTube “has renewed negotiations with entertainment firms about participating”

WallStreetJournal reports that YouTube will develop a video streaming marketplace. Amazon Prime sells additional channels like Discovery+ to provide consumers more content.

Google’s new service, called “channel store,” has been under development for 18 months.

YouTube TV is a $64.99 cable package. The new “channel store” will be on YouTube’s default app. Google finally leverages its strength with this excellent strategy.

“Now, entertainment businesses hungry for new audiences seem interested. YouTube has pitched the size and diversity of its worldwide audience to streaming businesses, sources say”. Another excerpt from WSJ

YouTube has 2.5 billion active users worldwide and may give that to streaming services for a price. Google may utilise YouTube’s distribution edge without having to produce movies or shows. When you can’t own both, Google must choose between platform and content.

YouTube TV offers access to HBO Max and other streaming services, but only in the U.S. The channel store will likely broaden YouTube’s streaming reach by integrating an online store into its app.

The service would reportedly use its global reach to attract streaming partners. Although making movie trailers free on YouTube would enhance marketing and visibility to more than 2 billion monthly visitors. However users can subscribe to a streaming service within the app.

Streaming partners will share YouTube subscription revenue. YouTube’s revenue share with streaming services isn’t known, although the conditions will likely vary each platform.

The channel shop gives consumers a single place to manage streaming subscriptions. Moreover the online store’s content may be worth the subscription fee. YouTube must also consider pricing.

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