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YouTube beta users gain Android 13 media controls

YouTube Beta

Good news for YouTube Beta users. YouTube will be the fourth Google app to update in the coming weeks.

YouTube version 17.32.32 for Android is presently in testing and targets API 33. It is crucial for YouTube Premium customers who use background (audio-only) play to be aware of the upgraded player when Casting videos.

Compared to YouTube Music, Google Podcasts, and even Chrome, the update to the YouTube app is minor. There is, of course, a rounded square pause/play button, while the progress bar occupies practically the whole width of the screen.

The most recent beta version of the YouTube app, version 17.32.32, introduces a subtle but observable modification to the media options displayed in the notification shade. You are most likely to notice it when you use your smartphone to cast media or when you use Background Play as a YouTube Premium subscriber. According to Google9to5, the revised software targets API level 33 (Android 13), which adds a taller progress bar and a square Pause button with rounded sides that transforms into a circular Play button when touched and is pushed out of the bottom row. Swiping away the notification card won’t stop playback; you must first pause.

In the following weeks, this enhanced experience may make its way to the stable version of the YouTube app for Android 13 smartphones. Spotify and other Google apps and services may also get updates. It appears that the Android 13 beta will continue until next month, right prior to the unveiling of Google’s Pixel 7 series. When the devices launch, however, these Google applications should be fully operational.

Two months ago, YouTube began rolling out support for the Android 12 media recommendations feature to its customers. Rumor had it that users may instantly play music while viewing recent albums and playlists.


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