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You and 1,023 pals can join WhatsApp group chats

Whatsapp Group Chat

WhatsApp group chats will now be more dense. WhatsApp’s group ceiling used to be 256 individuals, which was wonderful for friends and classrooms but limited for larger groups. Recently, 512 persons can enter. WhatsApp will soon support group chats with 1,000 users.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is allowing beta users to create 1,024-person groups. I can only add 512 persons to a group chat in the latest beta version. Few obtain the expanded group capability, though. Android and iOS are getting the feature.

If you have it, the group chat member limit is higher. Over 1,000 people won’t change how group conversations work. You’ll get more readers and replies.

WAbetainfo says this feature is accessible on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, but only to an unspecified number of beta testers. If you want to see if the feature is available for your WhatsApp account, try creating a group or adding new members to an existing one. In this area, you may see your account’s limit. If you still see “512,” don’t worry: since it’s a tiny test, it may take a while before reaching all WhatsApp accounts, so nothing is wrong with your account.

WAbetainfo further mentioned that Sub-groups of communities support the new limit, and WhatsApp is developing new tools to provide admins more control over larger groups in the future, such as a list of pending participants and an approval mechanism.

This week, WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS will get this feature. WhatsApp will let you know when more people can add more than 512 members.

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