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Widespread rollout of the new Google Play Store website design

Google Play website redesign

After many years with the same user interface, Google is making a big change to the Play Store website design. This change, which was first tested in November, will bring it in line with other services.

Google will release the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro on October 6, but a Pixel Tablet will follow. Before that, Google has optimized over 20 of their apps for tablets. After the Material You dynamic theming makeover, the Play Store on Android tablets is becoming what Google promised at I/O 2022.

Up until now, the Play Store shared the same basic interface between smartphones and tablets: prominent Play Store branding, a full-width search bar, navigation drawer on the left, and horizontal scrolling carousels for days. Simply spin your phone to access the tablet Play Store. 9to5Google reports that Play Store version 32.5.16-21 for Android tablets offers modifications.

First off, a column of icons in a navigation rail of sorts have replaced the navigation drawer. This reduces screen waste. The active icon pill-shaped, and the full-width search bar has shortened and left-aligned, creating a gap between the Play Points counter and itself. Right-side icons include the counter, notifications icon, and profile avatar.

When viewing an app listing, a large portion at the top blurs rating/reviews, downloads, and rating. Like Play Games for PC. The install button is below, but the “Choose a device” prompt hasn’t been updated.

The rest of the app listing offers screenshots, About this game, and Data safety, and a right sidebar recommends other apps. The third screenshot shows a busy view.

Movies & TV provides a wonderful browsing experience, while Library is like Android. Moreover No dark motif is apparent. This follows October’s Material You Android revamp.

The Google Play Store’s web revamp is going out more widely than last year, although not all users have seen it. It appeared over the weekend and is available internationally.

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