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WhatsApp new feature: introduces once-only message viewing.

WhatsApp New features

WhatsApp is implementing three new feature enhancements that will significantly enhance the platform’s user experience. In a blog post released this week, WhatsApp explains that these features will provide users with “greater control” over their content and “more layers of protection.”

So, what are the modifications? To begin with, you can now leave obnoxious group chats incognito. Previously, every group member would be notified when a member left the group. Users now only have the option to notify the group administrator.

WhatsApp also provides users with granular controls over who can and cannot view their online status.

WhatsApp New feature of View once messages improved greatly

WhatsApp is finally releasing a long-awaited update to its view once function. Previously, information delivered with a view once tag could only be viewed once by the receiver before being permanently deleted. The recipient could still capture a screenshot of the message or image for future review. Now, WhatsApp prohibits all screenshots of see once content, making the service significantly more safe.

This month, WhatsApp will bring out online presence management and the ability to exit groups silently to all users. View once screenshot blocking will coming “soon,” but it is presently in testing.

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