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WhatsApp might soon add a way to Undo deleted message.

Whatsapp Update

Undo deleted Message: WhatsApp users can erase their own and others’ messages. Imagine the horror if you mistakenly emailed something improper to a group and pressed “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone” WhatsApp promises to add a method to retrieve deleted messages.

WhatsApp, a daily necessity, will soon acquire a valuable function. The app has been updated numerous times, adding valuable functionality. WhatsApp is also working on an undo feature for deleted chats. WABetaInfo  The features will help if you mistakenly emailed something and clicked delete for me instead of delete for everyone.

Whatsapp working on Undo deleted message option

WABetaInfo notes that some beta users can receive the feature with the prior version.

It lets you undo a deleted WhatsApp message. This feature only works for “Delete for me,” not “Delete for everyone.”

When you erase a message, a bar briefly displays the “Undo” option, giving you time to recognise whether you made a mistake. This is useful if you want to delete a message for everyone but only for yourself.


The Play Store beta update includes the feature. The official release date for this beta feature has not been disclosed. It’s unclear if a “Delete for everyone” undo delete capability is in the pipeline.

Other Features

WABetainfo released early testing news and a screenshot. After deleting the last message, the user will see a pop-up with an undelete button. The pop-up will appear for a few seconds, and in that interval of time, the user has an option to undo the deeds. If the user unintentionally pressed delete for me, they can remove the message for everyone.

We don’t know when the corporation will expose the feature publicly. We’ll let you know if the feature changes or is released. Send or remove WhatsApp texts/photos/videos carefully until then.

WABetaInfo detected all these features as beta (available for WhatsApp beta users to test) or under development. Unknown when they’ll be released, although some may be soon (including the group admin deletion options, which are reportedly going to be official sooner rather than later).

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