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WhatsApp is working on new section where users can report bugs.

WhatsApp Bugs Report

WhatsApp is working to improve its user interface. WABetaInfo revealed that the Meta-owned app is adding a bug-reporting area for a future release.

Users can have difficulty sending messages or backing up conversation history on Google Drive. WhatsApp can simply diagnose bugs with this feature.

WhatsApp users can report bugs via “contact us.” WhatsApp is creating a bug-reporting feature. The website released an updating screenshot.

“There will be a new row in WhatsApp Settings called “Report problem” in a future update,” WABetaInfo noted. The difference between this section and “contact us” is unclear.

WhatsApp usually tests new features in beta for a few weeks before releasing them. With so many new features and hundreds of Android devices running different OS flavours, consumers will run into problems. Better bug reporting will encourage users to contact WhatsApp. The company can gather more data to troubleshoot the situation.

It’s unclear if WhatsApp will delete the Contact Us option in favour of the new method. The new bug-reporting section is still in beta. It should air soon.

How WhatsApp Bugs Report will work

WABinfo found screenshots of this in-development functionality. We see WhatApp’s settings. Below Invite a friend is Report bug.


You’ll see a text area and three buttons when you tap it. In the text field, you can do what the placeholder text says and tell the company what went wrong. There doesn’t seem to be a character limit, so you might be able to fully describe what happened in the app.

Under that are three buttons for uploading screenshots. That’s extremely useful for obvious reasons. It looks like you can at up to three screenshots, but we don’t know if you’ll be able to add more once you put in three. The screenshot function is optional, and the app just asks that you don’t send any sensitive information.

So, this is a pretty straightforward bug report page. You can submit a report on the company’s Contact page. While true, a dedicated page has benefits.

First, it’s easier to report bugs from that page. Too many hurdles may deter someone from reporting a bug: “It’s not worth the hassle.”

WhatsApp may assign a team to bug reporting. Faster replies and fixes could result. We don’t know if/when this functionality will be released, so stay tuned.

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