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WhatsApp is aiming to catalogue contacts who leave group chat

WhatsApp chat quitters analogue

WhatsApp, an instant messaging service owned by Meta, has been adding new features for its users all the time. Recently, the app has been giving users of its groups new features. Earlier, the app added the ability to add more people to group chats. Also, it raised the number of people who could join to 512. Communities, a way to send messages to people with similar interests, came later.

Members and admins may have trouble keeping track of who departed 512-member groups. WhatsApp is testing a new feature to let users who have left a group know.

Novel WhatsApp Group Feature

On the iPhone, WhatsApp beta version lets group members and administrators see who has left or been kicked out of a group in the last 60 days (via WABetaInfo). Under the list of current participants in the “Group Info” tab, a new option called “See past participants.” could be seen. There is also a search bar on the list of deleted members, which can be helpful for large threads where members often leave and new ones join. Small businesses that use WhatsApp groups to talk with each other or with customers may also find this feature useful.

Also, the system that tells chat when a member leaves or starts up will be taken away. No one but admins will get in-chat messages about these events, possibly to make moderation easier. So, the list of “previous participants” will only have the names of the people who left the group.

Since WhatsApp operates on numerous platforms, we think it should be added to Android and desktop apps as soon as possible. WhatsApp has tested a means for group admins to remove messages on Android. We also hope to have this feature so that chats are a little easier to handle.

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