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Wear OS smartwatches with Google Keep gain a helpful tile.

Google OS Smartwatches

Google is adding more app tiles to Wear OS smartwatches ahead of Pixel Watch. Google Keep is the latest addition to the central menu. The upgrade lets users create notes or lists on their wrist. However, the tile is currently available on Wear OS 3 and it’s unstated if when it will be available on the previous versions of the platform.

Google Keep gets smartwatch tiles after YouTube Music and Google Fit. The app update for Wear OS 3 devices including Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 provides tile placement for Keep.

Once updated, users must discover a Keep tile in the watch’s menu. Two options are accessible immediately. One is for simple notes, the other for lists. Below is a separate browse button for updating or viewing notes and lists.

9to5Google highlighted that the app design doesn’t match Android 13‘s Material You motif or other Google wearable apps. An app update is intended to bring a flatter, more intuitive design later.

The new tile seems pretty helpful because it lets users skip a couple of steps when making a new note from their wrist. Even though it might not be the best way to type long notes or lists from your wrist, the app lets users choose a voice-to-text option to quickly write things down.

Even so, the new tile isn’t easy to find. 9to5Google says it seems to be limited to Wear OS 3 smartwatches, which are the Galaxy Watch 4, the new Galaxy Watch 5, and the very expensive Montblanc Summit 3.

After updating Google Keep on the Skagen Falster Gen 6, the tile is missing. Google has been working to encourage more Wear OS apps to support tiles so developers may use the platform.

Google Keep is still our favorite app for taking notes, so we hope Google will add more tile options. And who knows, this could be a sign that older smartwatches will soon get Wear OS 3. We’re not really holding our breath, though.

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