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Waze’s new Biz Jargon voice and how to change voice

Waze Biz Jargon

Waze Biz Jargon “mocks the acronym-slinging, jargon-parroting, catchphrase-machines we can all become at business.”

Waze users on Android and iOS can now set Biz Jargon as their voice guidance for relatable statements like “Make a U-turn: Or ‘circling back'” or “Sorry, I was on silent, are we waiting for anyone else?”

It is known for its quirky navigation app. Waze’s “Retro Mode” adds attractive automobiles and user icons. The company has another thing to offer.

Biz Jargon, Waze’s latest mode, is inspired by secular work. The new feature-set sounds boring but looks fun. The biggest change is the new navigation voice pack. You’ll hear words like “Make a U-turn” or “circling back” that make fun at the boring language we hear at work.

Several cool moods are available. Waze’s Biz Jargon moods are Productive, Unproductive, All Business, and Business Casual. Each is an adorable business-related icon.

New users can activate Biz Jargon by visiting Waze or clicking “My Waze” in their app. The new Waze in-car experience is accessible globally in English (US & UK) and French, but it’s only available for a limited time.

How to change voice on Waze

  • Waze lets you change the voice and language, just as Google Maps, and you may find unique voices.
  • First, turn on sound to hear app directions. Tap My Waze, then the Settings wheel.

Settinsg Wheel Waze

  • Select Voice & Sound. 
Settings Waze


  • You’ll see Off, Alerts Only, and On. Voice navigation can be turn on.

Voice and Sound Waze

  • Change Waze’s voice by tapping below. A list of voices appears. At the time of writing, Waze included directional suggestions from Christina Aguilera, Headspace’s Eve Lewis Prieto, and Master Chief from Halo.
  • Tap your preferred voice for directions.

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