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Home » Video shows the LG Rollable ‘s display wraps around the rear

Video shows the LG Rollable ‘s display wraps around the rear

LG Rollable

LG, once a major Android OEM, failed to maintain their phones appealing. Before mid-2021, LG had a rollable smartphone. Someone acquired a prototype, so you can see how it would’ve looked. New footage of the handset gives us more detail than a previous video.

A South Korean YouTuber named (via Mishaal Rahman) got their hands on LG’s rollable phone. The phone would have been called “LG Rollable” Phone comes with packaging, charger, and manuals. The hardware and software don’t look like early prototypes or engineering samples. The LG Rollable was nearly ready to launch when LG abandoned the smartphone business.

The phone’s rear panel works as an additional screen that may store camera, calendar, and music widgets. You can capture selfies via the second screen’s camera app without turning on the main phone.

BullsLab tested a smartphone featuring a Snapdragon 888 CPU, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Those features would have put the Rollable on par with flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Since LG’s mobile business is gone, the Rollable is unlikely to launch. Oppo showed off a rollable phone in 2021, but it was simply a prototype and we’ve heard nothing since.

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