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UE’s Wonderboom waterproof speaker has increased battery life, new colours.

Wonderboom waterproof speaker

Ultimate Ears (UE) has updated its popular Wonderboom waterproof Bluetooth speaker. While not much has changed, if it ain’t broke…

The Wonderboom 3 maintains its $100 pricing, size, and huge volume buttons. It also retains its 360-degree sound pattern, IP67 water and dust protection, and ability to bob like a cork in water.

You can stream music to two Wonderboom 3 speakers simultaneously, and there’s a stereo-pairing mode. UE has kept the MicroUSB charging port instead of the newer USB-C connection.

What’s New Wonderboom waterproof speaker

The company says you may “party for the world,” but the speaker has technical enhancements. You gain an extra hour of battery life compared to the Wonderboom 2, with up to 14 hours of portable listening, but charging is via Micro-USB.

Ultimate Ears also increased the Bluetooth range to 40m (from 33m), so you can get a drink inside while your Wonderboom 3 keeps the party going outside.

It’ll do that even if it rains or someone throws it in the pool because it’s waterproof and floats.

Pair two speakers to double the sound or create a stereo pair. Outdoor mode shifts power from bass to volume for easier listening in the garden, park, etc.

The Wonderboom 3 comes in grey, pink, blue, and black. Green and pastel pink/purple colorways may also launch in some markets or join the lineup later.

Ultimate Ears also announced a white Hyperboom colorway coming 9 September. The $449/£409 speaker boasts a 24-hour battery, variable EQ, four drivers, and two passive bass radiators.

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