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U.S. Galaxy S22 owners can’t receive texts after the September update

Galaxy S22

Since its launch earlier this year, Samsung has done a terrific job keeping its Galaxy S22 series updated with security update patches. The September 2022 update for the flagship lineup addresses over 20 vulnerabilities. The upgrade broke text messaging on carrier-locked U.S. devices.

Several Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra users have ceased getting text messages after the September update, according to Samsung forums and Reddit (via PiunikaWeb). The problem affects Verizon, T-Mobile, and others’ Galaxy S22 devices.

The annoying issue occurs numerous times a day without warning, and you only notice when an SMS you expected doesn’t arrive. S22 owners must reboot their phones multiple times a day to avoid missing texts. Once the phone reboots and those texts come through, you’re hit with a torrent of unread texts all at once, leaving you to rummage through the pile.

Receiving text bug from S22Ultra

Verizon consumers using the September update are most affected, but T-Mobile and AT&T users are also affected. S21 owners are also affected. It’s unclear whether this is a carrier issue, Samsung software issue, or both.

Texting may seem frivolous, but these communications deliver one-time passwords, shipment information, government alerts, and lunch order confirmations. Samsung has been swift with software upgrades in recent years, so we hope this is fixed soon. We’ve contacted Samsung and will update if we hear back. Set a Google Assistant or Tasker reminder to reboot your phone until a repair arrives.

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