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Home » Twitter rolls out pinned replies and its ‘Close Friends’ circle globally.

Twitter rolls out pinned replies and its ‘Close Friends’ circle globally.

Twitter Close Friends

Instagram’s Close Friends feature has been a hit since 2018. Many grew acclimated to uploading private stuff. Twitter just launched Circle, a similar function. Circles is open to everyone after months of testing.

Twitter has just announced that access to Circles is being opened to all users on the platform. Twitter Circles are similar to Instagram’s Close Friends stories, however instead of stories, you can publish private tweets (Twitter killed off its stories clone Fleets, after all). Post text threads, images, and videos. If you want to share something specifically for friends and family, here is the place to do so.

To tweet to your Circle, open the new tweet panel and touch the “Choose audience” drop-down menu. You can add up to 150 people to your Circle — a decidedly bigger audience than what Instagram gives you.

In May, a few and then many users tested Circles. We reported the test’s expansion as a global rollout. It did become available for many people, but back then, we didn’t have an official announcement by Twitter. If you didn’t have Circles on your account, it should appear soon.

This new Circle function is another way Twitter tries to dissuade users from locking their profiles. It allows individuals anonymity while sharing posts with a limited audience.

Similar to restricted accounts, circle members can’t retweet posts from within the circle. After that, individuals can tweet to their personal circle, public timeline, or any community they belong to.

The app’s music area was recently updated to contain more than 2 million podcasts using Live Spaces.

This revamp might include customizable news, lifestyle, and movie channels. This includes live and recorded audio broadcasts.

Whistleblower Pelter Zatiko exposed Twitter’s internal issues in a frightening revelation. He accused the company of huge negligence and deficiencies that are clear threats to national security. Elon Musk sent Twitter a final termination letter this morning, citing these claims.

Twitter is also testing Pinned Replies for some users. Chris Messina broke the news. Using the actions menu, users can pin any twitter reply they want.

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