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Tim Cook rejected the idea of iPhone adopting RCS ‘Buy your mom an iPhone’

Tim Cook

Tim Cook blasted down the idea of iOS adopting RCS messaging, a standard that would make it easier for iPhone and Android users to share high-quality texts, videos, and photographs via iOS’s Messages app.

Cook was questioned at Kara Swisher’s last Code Conference why iOS hasn’t adopted RCS and how Steve Jobs would feel about it (via The Verge). “I don’t hear our users asking for that,” Cook remarked.

Lack of RCS on iOS makes it harder for iOS and Android users to communicate, forcing them to utilize WhatsApp or Telegram. Cook said he and his mother had trouble sending photographs and videos since she has an Android cellphone and they use an iPhone. Cook told a reporter, “Buy your mum an iPhone.”

The inquiry was about enhancing text-based communication between iPhone and Android users, according to The Verge. Google has been asking Apple to implement RCS for a while and recently attacked the company by making an entire website dedicated to the cause. RCS is too little, too late for Google in the conversation battle.

“Buy your mum an iPhone” was his response to the questioner. Apple’s CEO said RCS isn’t a priority “at this point,” but he didn’t rule out future iPhone support.

What is RCS

RCS (Rich Communications Service)

Google has been pushing RCS on Apple for a while now and even going public with a “Get the message” website to shame the company into participating in RCS messaging. Apple has yet to be swayed, but Cook did leave the door open, stating, ” Apple isn’t addressing RCS “at this point,” which, if you wish to see this positively, means it’s not entirely out of the question.

Google’s pitch for RCS is that it will create a better connection between iOS and Android users. For some odd reason, the “green bubble” that appears on an iPhone when an Android user texts them has an odd social status attached to it. More importantly, there are some communication issues between the two, specifically regarding sharing media, such as images or videos.

There was a time when Apple considered bringing iMessage to Android, but that fantasy died quickly as executives within Cupertino felt it would do more harm than good. Also, Google’s push for RCS messaging has hit snags along the way as service providers were slow to add support for the format.

In the end, I’m sure most iPhone users do not view the “green bubble” as a personal stain they use to judge Android users (maybe a little), but most likely see it as maybe it’s time Mom upgrades to an iPhone 14, gets to enjoy her own private Dynamic Island and the comfort of knowing when she’s on a nature hike; she can still get help thanks to the satellite connectivity in the latest iPhone 14.

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