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This new bug affects Pixel Google Assistant

Pixel Google Assistant

When working, Pixel Google Assistant is fantastic. Mistakes happen, such not understanding what you want or hotkeys not working. The current Pixel bug is different. Some Pixel owners say the Google Assistant brings up the keyboard instead of voice input when triggered by “Hey Google.”

9to5Google reports that many individuals have complained on Reddit. Pixel phones default to keyboard input when invoking “Hey Google” or holding the power button. That implies impacted people can’t immediately follow directions. To speak, press the keyboard or microphone button. “Hey Google” is no longer hands-free.

There’s a simple solution. Redditor r/IDUM168 suggests reversing the app’s microphone access. To do so, press and hold the Google app on your home screen, then tap the I button. Then, on the next screen, revoke and re-grant microphone access.

Strange things are happening. Some users report seeing a “TNG” banner when they activate the Assistant by tapping the microphone. Google uses this Star Trek TNG (“The Next Generation”) reference internally to indicate upcoming features that are currently being worked on, so it’s possible that, for some users, the wrong, underrated -Development builds may have been pushed.

Sit out of position. You can downgrade to an older version of Google by uninstalling the update for the app, but this can lead to further complications as the Google app is an integral part of Pixel phones that is responsible for much more than meets the eye. You should check Play Store for updates, but Google will fix this soon.

In the interim, you can utilize any of the best smart screens and smart speakers with assistant support.

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