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Home ยป This month, Twitter Blue subscribers will have an edit button.

This month, Twitter Blue subscribers will have an edit button.

Twitter Blue Subscribers

Twitter is finally adding an edit button, a long-requested function found on other platforms, but only for paying Twitter Blue subscribers.

Twitter has verified that a small group of users is testing the edit tweet feature. Premium users will get early access later this month.

Initial testing tries to determine feature abuse. Twitter plans to introduce the functionality for Blue subscribers before making it available to everyone. Twitter is testing Edit Tweet with a select group to incorporate feedback and identify any concerns.

The test will begin in one country, with ambitions to expand. Twitter didn’t say which country first. “We’ll also watch how the functionality affects how users read, write, and interact with Tweets,” the service said.

The business stated in a blog post that Edit Tweet allows users to edit errors, add missed tags, and more. There’s no limit to what you can update in a tweet or what impact it may have.

Edit Tweet allows users more choice over how they express themselves and contribute to Twitter conversations.

Twitter is offering this tool to a limited number of premium customers so it can optimise the edit button’s operation.

We want to get this right since it’s our most requested feature, it said. That could mean Twitter will make it more broadly available over time, rather than restricting it to those willing to pay in areas where it has a paid tier. The company’s edit function has changed over time.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO until November 2021, said Twitter considered but ultimately wouldn’t create the functionality. Musk’s public urging led to Twitter’s acquisition this year. Musk’s $44 million offer to buy Twitter was approved, but he tried to back out, claiming Twitter didn’t provide full user data (and specifically bots). This has become a confusing legal spectacle, presumably because Twitter’s former head of security claims the firm mismanages user data.

On top of that, several products seem dubious. The Verge said that Twitter was working on an OnlyFans competitor but stopped when an internal investigation highlighted the platform’s failure to expand CSAM and non-consensual nudity. Multiple top-level executives have left the company, and its stock price has gone (mainly) downhill for a year.

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