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These little known Xiaomi features are found to be copied by iPhone 14

Xiaomi features

Two features that Apple copied from Xiaomi for the iPhone 14 after many years. Apple has copied Android’s ultrawide rear camera, night mode, app drawer, and live captions.

We know Apple has added Android functionality to the iPhone 14 series. Apple’s latest phones include two lesser-known capabilities. Xiaomi introduced both features.

Better auto-brightness with two sensors

Apple’s iPhone 14 series spec sheets show that all the phones now have dual ambient light sensors. This improves brightness adjustments.

Xiaomi beat Apple with this feature. The Mi 10 series introduced two ambient light sensors in early 2020, according to MyDrivers.

Dual ambient light sensors collect more light source data in complex lighting settings, a Xiaomi executive claimed at the Mi 10 series unveiling. Google and Samsung now have this feature.

Dual-frequency GPS comes to iPhones

Pro only. Normal models costing 1,009 and 1,159 euros lacked this function. Many more companies have included it since Xiaomi. In 2022, Apple will improve its already-good GPS.

iPhone 14 imitated these two Xiaomi features a few years later. Apple’s quality may allow it to improve the experience more than Xiaomi or other companies with these technologies.

TO conclude. . .

These are both minor Apple features. iPhone 14 series enhancements include a 48MP primary camera, display cutout, and super-steady video mode. We’re happy to see Apple embracing these features after Xiaomi and Android.

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