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The price of Pixel Watch got out.

Pixel watch

We’re sure that Google will put out its first wearable device under its own brand name this year. But we all wanted to know how much it might cost and when it would finally come out.

Because of what 9to5Google has leaked, we may have some answers to both questions. 9to5 says that the price of a Google Pixel Watch with LTE cellular connectivity could be $399.

The source doesn’t say how much other watch options cost, which is a shame. The Pixel Watch would be cheaper in theory if it didn’t have an LTE connection. We think that it will cost between $299 and $349.

Notably, you’d pay $399 for an Apple Watch Series 7 that didn’t have LTE connectivity. So, the price of the Google Pixel Watch would be very close to the price of the Apple Watch series. But the Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE starts at $329. It has the same operating system as the Pixel Watch and works with Android devices. This is bad news for Google because it would have to go up against Samsung with a $70 more expensive product.

Also, the Fitbit Sense 2, which costs $299 and is made by a Google subsidiary called Fitbit, is a pretty good smartwatch. The Sense 2 will not aim at the same kind of buyer, and it doesn’t come with Wear OS.

Lastly, the 9to5 rumour says that Google is likely to release the Pixel Watch at the same time as the Pixel 7 series. This means the firm won’t release the devices at various times, an unusual choice given how much people want the Pixel Watch.

We expect Google’s next devices will release in late September or early October.

In the meantime, Apple will launch the Apple Watch Series 8 at an event on September 7.

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