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The new 2nd-gen Nest Doorbell (wired) leaked

Nest Doorbell

Nest’s Hello video doorbell debuted four years ago. Since then, consumer preferences have changed, and last year’s Nest Doorbell (Battery) couldn’t record video continually, so Google admitted it was overdue for an update to its Hello doorbell. Nest will release new items at the Made by Google event on October 6, but we now know one of them.

The camera is at the top and the button/ringer is at the bottom, with a ‘G’ logo in between. You can find “hello” in many languages in another easter egg.

This wired model is shorter but thicker than the battery model. Images of a black baseplate and wedge are also shown. (Above is only the Nest Doorbell; below is the baseplate.)

There are also setup animations from:

  • Connecting your home’s chime (wires) to the Chime connector
  • Wedge
  • Wall baseplate
  • new Nest Doorbell wired

The Play Store began rolling out an update to the Google Home app this weekend, version 2.58, and it features new hidden files showing the new wired Nest Doorbell. 9to5Google decompiled the programme to reveal the art. Images found in “venus” folders.

The design is a blend of the battery-powered Nest Doorbell and the original Nest Hello — shorter but thicker. The new doorbell features the phrase “Hello” in several languages on the camera’s base plate.

The materials feature animations to help users install the chimes, base plate, and wedge.

No additional specifics, such as specs, have been revealed, and it’s unknown if there are more. If Google can keep the details secret for another three weeks, it’ll be a feat.

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