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Home » The latest PS5 beta adds 1440p video.

The latest PS5 beta adds 1440p video.

PS5 beta

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5 beta) game console is still hard to buy in stores and online. Sony is adding new software features to the PS5 as gamers prepare for fall and Christmas game releases.

PS5 beta update

  • Sony announced a PS5 beta test.
  • Beta will provide 1440p video resolution.
  • PS5 will get new configurable gamelists and other improvements.
  • Sony’s PlayStation 5 is still hard to obtain in stores and online despite robust sales. Sony is developing new PS5
  • software features for fall and Christmas game releases.

Sony unveiled a fresh PS5 closed beta today. Beta testers get early access to new features. New video resolution is the biggest difference. Beta owners can set the resolution to 1440p. This intermediate video option between 1080p HD and 2160p 4K UHD could aid gamers using 1440p TVs and monitors. If a PS5 game supports 4K, decreasing the video resolution to 1440p could boost anti-aliasing graphics without dropping to 1080p.

New features to this beta is “gamelists.” In their Game Library, PS5 users can build lists like “Favorite Action Games.” The beta will enable 15 gamelists with 100 games each. Same game can appear on several disc, digital, and streaming lists.

In this beta test, you can compare 3D and stereo audio settings on the same screen. In the beta, online gaming party members can share their screens with you and you can be notified when a friend is online. When all PS5 consoles will gain these functionalities is unknown.

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