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Home ยป The latest app to get a Material You icon is Google Wallet.

The latest app to get a Material You icon is Google Wallet.

Google Wallet

Google debuted the ability to have themed icons on the homescreen in Android 12, designed to help go all-in on Material You theming. In Android 13, third-party apps can use themed icons; here’s a selection.

Themed icons match the system theme for homescreen icons. The feature, available in Android 12 and above, dynamically themes the icon when the wallpaper modifies system colours. It works well in our experience, but app support is key.

In Android 12, the Pixel Launcher (or Samsung launcher) selected which apps the system authorized. Pixels only have Google apps. Samsung only has Samsung apps. It was a very limited version of the notion, though.

Third-party apps can use customised icons in Android 13. Since Android 13 released, customized icons are already appearing in more apps, though it’s opt-in.

Google Wallet now fits next to GPay

Material You is one of the largest visual updates to Android in recent memory, and it’s wonderful for theming fans and consistency lovers. Android 13 lets third-party apps customise their icons like system apps. Google’s also taking this chance to update more of its own apps, like the recently-revamped Google Wallet, which now has a themed symbol.

Google Wallet joins the list of apps with customised icons in version 2.153. The Wallet logo is monochrome and compliments your Material You palette.

The Google Wallet app (when it was rebranded from Pay) already uses Material You in its UI, so this is only an extension of that to the app’s icon. It makes the app look less odd on your home screen, so you won’t need a custom launcher/icon pack.

As a Google-made app, Wallet didn’t need to wait for Android 13 to roll out customised icons. The app just launched, so Google undoubtedly has other priorities.

If you want the new icon, update Google Wallet. If you can’t wait, download the APK.

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