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The issues associated with the Samsung Z Flip 4 you need to know about

Galaxy Z Flip 4

After leaks and rumours, the Samsung Z Flip 4 has released (alongside its bigger brother, the Fold 4). Not much has changed from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to the Flip 4.

We still need to perform more testing before we can give a thorough assessment, but I expect the biggest gain to be in battery life. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 chipset and 3700mah battery help (vs 3300mah on the Flip 3). That may not seem like much, but it may let the Flip 4 last all day, unlike the Flip 3.

The rest of the Flip 4’s modifications are minor enhancements that won’t impact the user experience. Our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 hands-on review has further details.

In this narrative, I’d want to focus on a few opposing notions, such as my opinion that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the foldable phone that makes more sense (compared to the Fold 4), but isn’t as compact and economical as it’s intended to be. Compared to slab phones…

The Galaxy Flip 4 is quite unaffordable

The Flip is by far the most popular foldable phone on the market, and affordability has a lot to do with that. Compared to the $1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 4, the $1,000 Flip 4 seems reasonable. That’s not “affordable”

Samsung’s goal with the Flip and Fold 3 series was to make them more affordable. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G (the Flip 2) cost $1,400, while the Flip 3 cost $1,000.

Samsung’s Fold 4 and Flip 4 will cost £50 more than their predecessors in the UK. Inflation may be to blame, but the price jump feels unjust to British shoppers while US prices are unchanged.

The Flip 4 doesn’t have the finest camera, battery, charging speed, display, or… anything. That’s a lot of sacrifices for a phone that fits in your pocket but feels huge when unfolded.

Why not get the newest, most durable Samsung phone, which costs the same? Or iPhone? Or Pixel? I have reservations about endorsing untested Google phones.

Is Galaxy Flip 4 Still a tough sale?

Several months ago, speculations circulated regarding a cheaper, foldable Galaxy phone. I wonder whether Samsung should make the Flip a cheaper midrange device to make it more popular. Isn’t that the Flip’s goal?

Samsung could therefore justify the $700 Flip over the far more expensive Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung reportedly won’t release a “affordable foldable” until 2024-2025. Foldable phones aren’t inexpensive to make.

Samsung could manufacture the Galaxy Z Flip A/Lite out of hard plastic instead of Gorilla Glass, use a mid-range Qualcomm CPU, and cut some RAM to bring the price down to $700. This would make it more appealing to the public and make me view it differently, not as a Pro and Ultra flagship competitor.

The flagship-priced and small Galaxy Z Flip 4 isn’t a flagship phone, and it’s not compact when unfurled. It has an audience, nevertheless.

Not everyone needs a set of flagship cameras, and many may like the Flip’s large screen. My mum and aunt have questioned me about the Flip 3 and will be interested in the Flip 4. Despite my doubts, the Flip is loved.

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