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The iPhone 15 might be what we thought the iPhone 14 would be.

iPhone 15

We’re excited to see what Apple has in store with the iPhone 14 — a debut event is planned early in September – but rumours say the iPhone 15 will include tech enhancements originally slated for this year’s line-up.

Apple partner TSMC (via MacRumors) will begin manufacturing 3nm circuits before the end of the year, including the A17 Bionic chipset expected in some iPhone 15 models. Since the iPhone 12, Apple has employed 5nm processors.

Fewer nanometers implies more performance in less area and less electricity (and better battery life). Despite rumours, the iPhone 14 will stick with 5nm chips.


The iPhone 15 may potentially have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port. Again, this was rumoured for the iPhone 14, but it now seems improbable.

According to Apple Insider, India is the latest country to investigate standardizing electronics chargers, which would likely require Apple to embrace USB-C on its iPhones as it does on its iPads and Macs.

Apple may want to get ahead of any rulings by switching to USB-C on the iPhone as soon as it can, which could be September 2023.

Analysis: slow and steady upgrades

Since Apple’s last iPhone refresh, we’ve been waiting. In recent years, we’ve grown accustomed to regular, modest improvements while the general pattern has remained roughly the same.

Smartphones can only be designed so many ways. Apart from the foldable form factor, nothing has shook up the market in recent years. The last time we were truly astonished was the iPhone X notch.

The iPhone 15 could buck this trend, according to reports. Previous leaks have pointed to a significant camera upgrade, at least for the Pro models. If it’s also the first iPhone to come with USB-C and new 3nm chipsets inside, then it could be the major upgrade that we’ve been waiting a long time for.

Apple’s rumoured decision to differentiate between the Pro and basic models’ CPUs will add to the decision-making process this year.


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