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The Founder of Tinder wants to reduce stress.

Founder of Tinder

The Happy Ring measures stress, not fitness.

Happy Health wants to “smarten” the mood ring. Instead of color-changing stones, it invented the Happy Ring, which uses physiological sensors and AI to monitor mental wellbeing.

The $60 million Happy Ring incorporates a proprietary EDA sensor that analyses stress in real time. The device detects when your sympathetic nervous system, which controls your fight-or-flight reaction, revs up.

“When we have unpleasant ideas or powerful emotions, our brain helps us respond,” explains Happy Health CEO Dustin Freckleton. EDA sensors measure electrical changes on the hand caused by palm sweat. Freckleton said Happy Ring’s EDA sensor checks for sweat gland openings or sweat production to determine emotional state. The ring constantly modifies the AI model to an individual’s data, rather than comparing it to a user set.

Happy Health and Tinder founder Sean Rad says the app tells you when you’re calm, alert, or tense. We use this data to create personalised activities that are scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance overall health. Rad noted that the gadget is HIPAA compliant, but didn’t clarify Happy Health’s privacy policy or how data is maintained.

The ring incorporates an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, four skin electrodes, four light wavelength sensors, accelerometers, and two temperature sensors. The ring can detect changes in your sympathetic nervous system, which triggers your fight-or-flight reaction.

Dustin Freckleton, CEO of Happy Health and a doctor, told The Verge that the Happy Ring doesn’t compare data to a benchmark. It adapts the AI model to each person’s data. Rad’s phone app uses the data to propose customised exercises to control stress and boost mood.

These aren’t cardio exercises. Breathwork, meditation, and CBT-based journaling help calm you down.

The Happy Ring boasts “medical-grade” precision, according to Freckleton.

No wearable technology can substitute mental health counselling. Moreover if you’re interested in Happy Ring, you’ll have to wait. Furthermore a three-tier subscription plan will make the hardware free. Monthly subscriptions cost $30, annual subscriptions cost $24, and 24-month subscriptions cost $20.


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