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The Best 2022 Android Phones

Best Android Phones

New Android phones arrive frequently. Apple’s iPhones will always be popular, but Android phones provide more choice and better specs for the same price.

Xiaomi 12, OnePlus 10 Pro, Galaxy S22 series, and Oppo Find X5 Pro are among the year’s biggest Android flagships.

The Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 are still great phones from last year.

The Best Android Phones

Thanks to upgraded cameras and a built-in S Pen, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best Android phone. Galaxy S22 delivers many of the S22 Ultra’s features for $400 less.

The OnePlus 10 Pro and 10T are attractive alternatives to Samsung’s flagships.

When it comes to inexpensive phones, the Pixel 6a is hard to top, but the Galaxy A53 attempts to compete. The cheaper Pixel’s camera wins out, but the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are also great.

Samsung makes the greatest foldable phone we’ve tested, so we’d ordinarily include one on our list. We won’t endorse the current foldables until we’ve reviewed the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Here are the top , but check back often because we change it.


1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Android’s new monarch. It has a built-in S Pen stylus and virtually everything else you might want. It has excellent cameras, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, plenty of storage, and a stunning display.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s battery life is worse than its predecessor’s. Tom’s Guide tested the phone for 10 hours and 18 minutes in 60Hz mode. In 120Hz adaptive mode, the Galaxy S22 Ultra lasted 8 hours and 50 minutes, less than the iPhone 13 Pro Max (which also features an 120Hz adaptive refresh rate).

Currently, there’s no better Android phone than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It costs $1,199.


2.Vivo X80 Pro

If you haven’t heard of Vivo, you should. The company is a giant of the Chinese smartphone market, and is slowly expanding its international reach – which is a good thing, because it’s been an open secret for the last few years that Vivo probably makes the best cameras in any phone around.

X80 Pro has four great back cameras. The 50Mp main lens is great, but the 48Mp ultrawide blows away the competition. The two zoom lenses give further options. The tech excels in low light, with the greatest night mode available.

It’s a great phone elsewhere too, with a top-class display, fast charging, and excellent battery life. If you care about the camera and can spend this much, it’s hard to do better.

3. Google Pixel 6

Google’s latest phones made the list. Pixel 6 has a redesigned design, upgraded cameras, and the first-generation Tensor chip. All that results in a sleek figure that turns heads.

This is the $599 everyman’s Pixel. Pixel 6 lacks the telephoto camera and 120Hz display of Pixel 6 Pro, but it accomplishes everything an Android phone should.

The Pixel 6’s battery life is dismal. The phone performed poorly compared to others on the list. We noticed far better performance on LTE than with the previous 5G modem.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung’s early foldables were curiosities. Samsung nailed it with the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

A revamped design not only looks much better, but incorporates waterproofing and is more useful thanks to the larger cover display.

The 12Mp main and ultrawide cameras are decent, although you may miss a telephoto lens.

The Flip 3’s battery hardly lasts a day. But if you can live with that, this is the first foldable that feels absolutely competitive at its price point.

5. Google Pixel 6a

Android phone fans looking for a bargain have more choices than ever. Pixel 6a beats Galaxy A53. As expected from a Google phone, the Pixel 6a’s cameras win.

The Pixel 6a takes great pictures thanks to Google’s computational photography strengths, especially for a sub-$500 phone. The 6a has the same Tensor chip as the Pixel 6, so AI-powered software like on-device translation and smart photo editing are included.

The Pixel 6a’s battery life could be better, and Google could learn from Samsung’s software update policy, but if you’re on a budget, it’s a great phone.

6. Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 Pro’s camera, while phenomenal, isn’t our favourite right now. This is the most powerful Pixel camera yet, with a 48Mp main lens, ultrawide, and telephoto.

Google’s software is the phone’s advantage. The 6 Pro has the clean simplicity of stock Android plus all of Google’s Pixel-exclusive upgrades, powered by the company’s new in-house Tensor chip.

7. Oppo Find X5 Pro

The Oppo Find X5 Pro is amazing. The 6.7in 10-bit 120Hz QHD+ panel is one of the best in any phone right now, and Oppo backs it up with 80W wired and 50W wireless charging, a 5000mAh battery, and 50Mp main and ultrawide cameras.

All three rear lenses are exceptional, even without a periscopic zoom lens. Unique design features a sloped camera module built into the phone’s ceramic body.

8. Samsung Galaxy A53

The Galaxy A53 is the best Android phone under $500 until Google reshuffles its Pixel A lineup. This $449 Samsung phone has solid features.

The Galaxy A53’s 6.5-inch display refreshes at 120Hz despite its low price. The Exynos 1280 chipset and wide and ultrawide cameras are also good. (The phone’s macro and depth sensors are unnecessary.)

The Galaxy A53 has average battery life, but you can get even more by switching to 60Hz. At the same price as Google’s Pixel 5a, the A53 is another great low-cost Android option.

9. Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 is pocket-friendly thanks to a screen that’s less than – small for an Android flagship these days.

The 120Hz AMOLED display is still great, so there’s no quality loss. 67W wired and 50W wireless charging are among the fastest, and the 50Mp main camera is excellent, though we miss the telephoto lens on the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

10. OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T has a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor and starts at $649. The 16GB version costs $749. That’s a pretty low price for a phone that delivers the kind of performance that will satisfy mobile gamers in particular.

There are trade-offs for the OnePlus 10T’s lower cost, especially when compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro. The 10T doesn’t have a telephoto lens or Hasselblad features like recent OnePlus phones. The OnePlus 10T has a strong battery and charges in 20 minutes. Even though the OnePlus 10 Pro is better, the OnePlus 10T is still great.


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