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Spotify interface update separates podcasts and music into separate tabs

Spotify interface update

Among all music streaming services, Spotify has the largest user base that’s why Spotify interface is of concern. The site provides a dependable means of discovering new music through its recommendation algorithms, in addition to providing access to millions of tracks. If a playlist you’re listening to comes to an end, it will still play you similar songs. It’s true that several providers offer this capability, but Spotify is the best at it. The service is currently releasing a new version of its homepage, complete with specialized “feeds” that will aid you in discovering new content on a whim.

Spotify’s new design was introduced in a blog post, and at first glance, you might not notice many changes from the old design. However, you may have noticed two new, pill-shaped buttons on your dashboard. These are the points of transition. New music and suggested playlists can be found in the “Music” tab. The second option, under “Podcasts & Shows,” will alert you to new episodes of your favorite podcasts and recommend others you might enjoy based on your listening habits.

The update makes Spotify more like a podcast app for podcast listeners. Spotify mixed podcasts and music, relegating your podcast feed to a playlist labelled “New Episodes.” The corporation constantly redesigns its Library page, but the home screen has remained the same.

Now podcasts are more prominent, which benefits listeners and shows how vital they are to Spotify. As the corporation searches for ways to profit from audio, it has spent extensively in podcasting. It’s also pushing video, which needs a specific spot in the app. Audiobooks, a separate type of audio product, will be considerably harder to integrate into Spotify.

Spotify’s ambition to dominate audio is to combine music, literature, podcasts, and live audio. The corporation hasn’t always nailed this UI issue. In this scenario, giving things space seems wise. It gives Spotify more methods to promote Joe Rogan and its other podcasts.

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