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Home » Spokes person told that Vivo’s 5G innovation is a major contributor to 5G technology

Spokes person told that Vivo’s 5G innovation is a major contributor to 5G technology

Vivo's 5G innovation

Smartphone manufacturers see 5G as a force multiplier for AI, cloud, and quantum computing innovation.

Vivo is one of the few globally acknowledged phone manufactures pioneering the way toward a connected and convenient future with 5G technology.

Tamrakar Rakesh, vivo’s 5G Standard Expert, spoke with ProPakistani on how the brand is navigating towards large-scale 5G adoption and contributing to the regulatory debate around the technology’s spectrum and deployment.

Tamrakar uses his vivo X60 smartphone to take films and high-quality photographs to share with family and friends fast. He imagines how people would use the next-generation X series gadget to livestream high-quality graphics from anywhere in the world. X series users can become professionals with one click. The smartphone will become more important as technology evolves.

Tamrakar, 5G and 6G standards expert at vivo, oversees 5G physical layer system design, research, and standardization. “Over the next 10 years we can expect a radically new way of life as wireless technology evolves,” he says. “We need a clear vision for how to better serve our users with 5G’s technology and new services.”

Tamrakar’s X60 isn’t the newest flagship phone, but it shows vivo’s commitment to 5G. The vivo X50 lineup was the first worldwide lineup to run on 5G after the X30 series 5G phones were launched in China. The technology has only improved to make 5G more than simply speed. Slim and light X70 phones are an improvement. Thanks to 3D stacking technology, vivo’s 5G phones are compact and easy to hold.

5G-enabled Vivo lineup and their global availability

vivo is making 5G devices more accessible and inexpensive, and has released over 20 models ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 RMB.

vivo’s 5G smartphone product lines span professional photography, high performance, selfie-taking, e-sports, etc., to suit varied customer needs throughout the world.

The experience Vivo’s 5G will give to its user

5G enables a new digital infrastructure that can connect almost everything and everyone with fast data transmission and low latency. The reliable and optimized network between machines, gadgets, and digital items is integrating hundreds of thousands of sectors.

5G will provide the framework for smart cities with extensive internet-of-things technologies that can restructure our living environments and reshape our everyday routines.

These inventions will transform the worldwide industrial and consumer landscapes.

What Comes after 5G?

vivo wants to lead the industry. Tamrakar is prouder of the team’s resolve to advance society using technology. He’s looking ahead 10 years at people’s lifestyles. Hope for the future keeps him going.

Considering that vivo established its 5G Research Institute in 2016, the X series is even more impressive. Tamrakar and other experts are already planning for the next two years. He says the team’s main motivation is finding new difficulties.

Vivo is committed to the future and has produced many 6G whitepapers. Tamrakar states 3GPP 5G Release 15, 16, 17, and 18 have evolved 5G. As one of its last stages approaches, the team is focusing on 6G and early research. Tamrakar compares data speed and usage and suggests 3D films.

Not that you should skip 5G cellphones. Tamrakar said there are 10 to 15 possible 6G technologies. They’re still unsolved. We’ll see where Rakesh Tamrakar’s love of learning and curiosity take vivo next.

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