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Soon, WhatsApp group admins have the “Delete for Everyone” option

Whatsapp Group update

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Meta, is working on a new feature that would let group admins delete messages for all group members.

WABetaInfo, a tracker for WhatsApp, says that when an admin deletes a message, the user will see the message “This was deleted by an admin.”

In a tweet, WABetaInfo said, “If you are the group admin, you will be able to delete any message for everyone in your group in an upcoming update of WhatsApp beta for Android.”

With the tweet, the WhatsApp tracker also shared a screenshot that showed how an Android user would see a message that a group admin had deleted. Once it’s out there, it will be easier for group admins to delete messages that are rude or otherwise bad.

WhatsApp is also making changes so that its desktop app and web version will be able to use two-step verification.

WABetaInfo says that in a future update, WhatsApp will add the two-step verification feature to its desktop and web apps.

Two-step verification is already available on the mobile app. When you sign up for WhatsApp with your phone number, you must enter a personal PIN.

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