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Sonos releases Sub Mini for 429$

Sonos Sub mini

‘sSonos has a new, cheaper Sub: The Sonos $429 Sub Mini is half the price and size of the $749 Sub.

Sonos recommends the Sub Mini for compact and medium-sized rooms with its Beam, Ray, and One speakers. It’s about the size of a small trash can, and its cylindrical design with a centre cutout mirrors the larger Sub’s aesthetic.

The Sub Mini is available in black or white on October 6 in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and more.

The $429 Sub Mini designed for smaller rooms. Its footprint is half that of the full-size Sub, and at 14 pounds, it’s easier to move. Sonos’s says the Mini’s sound is as powerful as you’d expect from an expensive subwoofer. It uses two 6″ woofers that face the inside of the speaker to generate a “force-canceling effect.” The Sub Mini may be linked to most modern, amplified Sonos’s speakers and Ikea’s Symfonisk series, but it suggests connecting it with a Sonos Ray or Sonos Beam sound bar or a pair of Sonos’s One speakers (which happen to be one of our favourite smart speakers on the market today).

Sonos’s says that the cylindrical design of the Sub Mini provides “a structurally sound form factor that reduces buzz and rattle.” The low-profile circular design will be easier to hide than larger, rectangular subwoofers.

The Sonos Sub Mini goes on sale October 6 in most Sonos territories, but not China and India.

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