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Some Pixel users’ wireless charging halted with Android 13

Pixel wireless charging

With Android 13, wireless charging stopped for some Pixel users. Since the Pixel 3 series of 2018, top-of-the-line Pixel phones have had wireless charging as a standard feature. However, it seems that the most recent update has broken part of this feature. Some Pixel owners say that after the Android 13 update, wireless charging no longer works.

This week, Android 13 just came out, and it has a lot of improvements to security and privacy, Bluetooth, Material You, and more. All of this is great, but it looks like the new update has made it so that some users can no longer charge their phones wirelessly.

9To5Google says that Pixel owners have been posting about the problem on Reddit a lot in the past week. Based on the threads, it seems that not being able to charge wirelessly isn’t just a problem with one Pixel device. But so far, most of the reports have come from people who own a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.

Also, the Reddit users say the problem stays the same no matter what charger they use. There are some suggestions for how to fix the problem. For example, one user said that rebooting into safe mode, trying it out, and then rebooting again usually fixed the problem for them. Another user, though, says that method didn’t work for them. So it looks like these ideas might not work for everyone.

Our Pixel 6 devices gained no affect.

The issue appears to be how Pixel phones’ software handles charging. Wireless (or wired) charging can be slowed or stopped by software. Google caps Pixel phone charging at 80% after numerous days plugged in or on a wireless charger.

Affected consumers complain that their phones either don’t respond to a wireless charger or only charge briefly before flashing a “not charging” warning.

The wireless charging troubles began after upgrading Android 13, released Monday for Pixel phones.

Those afflicted say this happens regardless of charger. Many have complained about both incarnations of the Pixel Stand and multiple chargers. Some say changing Adaptive Charging or “forgetting” a Pixel Stand might fix the issue, although user reviews are inconsistent.

Multiple reports have been filed via Google’s Issue Tracker, but Google hasn’t acknowledged the problem.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 owners can roll back to Android 12. Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners can’t do that.

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