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Snowman’s ‘Lucky Luna’ is now on iOS and Android via Netflix

Netflix game Lucky Luna

Most platformers involve leaping. The simple move is a mainstay of the genre, whether it’s side-scrolling or 3D. Lucky Luna, Netflix’s latest game, removes the jump.

Lucky Luna set in a pixel art environment of ancient ruins, and players must navigate stages to unearth its secrets. It has collected orbs, hidden regions, moving platforms, spikes, and pattern-moving adversaries. A jump button is missing. Lucky Luna has no buttons. To move, swipe left or right; a forceful swipe makes Luna dash, while gentler taps cause smaller movements. Using restricted options and good timing to dodge obstacles and complete each stage safely.

Lucky Luna is hard, but it amazed me by how quickly I adapted to the lack of a jump button. The vertical levels are smartly structured around the swipe function, which feels straightforward after you let go of the jump. It’s like the opposite of Super Mario Run, a jumping-focused mobile platformer.

Lucky Luna’s settings resemble Moonlighter. The game’s relaxing colour scheme and ambient illumination help sell its mystery. Lucky Luna’s music accentuates the mystery. It lifts and swells at the perfect moments, even when flying through levels, evoking radventure.

Music and environments can’t sell a platformer. Lucky Luna’s swiping mechanics give it a novel perspective on platformer mobility, like Dead Cells. To make Luna dash, swipe the screen. It’s easy to use and provides fast, smooth gameplay. Unique controls prevent controller support.

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