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Samsung Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 address the previous Flaws

Samsung Z Fold 4 and Flip 4

Samsung Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 aren’t groundbreaking. Instead, Fixing the biggest problems. Popularity surrounded the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Samsung shipped more Flip 3 units in five months than every other foldable phone combined in 2021, according to research firm Omdia.

Last year’s Flip had slow charging, limited battery life, and a basic camera by flagship standards.

Samsung agreed. This year’s Z Flip 4 is an iterative update, but almost every tweak is aimed at improving those weak points, at least to some extent.

Flip 3’s 15W wired charging is now 25W. Still slow by Android standards, but on par with Samsung’s other flagships and Google’s Pixel phones.

Last year’s Flip 3 barely lasted a day, and battery life only gets worse. This year, Samsung has a more efficient AMOLED display, a more efficient Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and a larger battery.

I haven’t tested the Flip 4 long enough to say how long it lasts now, but Samsung reps say it lasts an extra three hours compared to last year’s model, and they’ve seen it run for 36 hours. That won’t challenge the best battery phones, but it brings the Flip closer to the average.

What’s the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s biggest flaw? Three things mattered. Display crease, outer display, and cameras.

First, the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s display crease is less noticeable. It’s still there, but it’s less distracting and less obvious when using the phone. As someone who’s used a Fold 3 for a year and noticed the crease more recently, I’m excited to upgrade for this reason alone.

Also, display size. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has wider screens than the Fold 3. Inside, it feels more like a tablet, as intended. On the outside, it creates a smartphone-like display. I liked the outer display’s narrowness and one-handed usability. I can see why so many people want a larger panel and how it will help in the future.

The outer display’s keyboard provides more typing space.
The camera. Due to its camera, I can’t use the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as my daily driver. After the Pixel 6 Pro’s stellar camera arrived, it became harder to carry the Fold to capture memories. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 now has a 50MP camera, like the S22 and S22+. Since I was using the Fold 4 in a controlled environment, I can’t say how much of an upgrade this will be, but it already feels like a huge boost.

These three changes won’t just improve the Fold series’ quality of life. In my opinion, they prepare the Fold for tougher competition. Samsung knows that Oppo has better cameras, a nearly nonexistent display crease, and better aspect ratios. Samsung is bridging its past and future with these moves.

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