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Home ยป Samsung once again mocked iPhone users with its Galaxy Z flip 4 Ad

Samsung once again mocked iPhone users with its Galaxy Z flip 4 Ad

Samsung ad

Samsung mocked Apple’s lack of innovation in a recent ad. The business discussed Galaxy characteristics that iPhones lack. Samsung is back with another iPhone-trolling ad after Apple’s iPhone 14 unveiling. The current video doesn’t mention Apple or the iPhone, but the jibe is clear.

The two-minute video was posted today on YouTube. It highlights Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable. A girl shows her new foldable to Elena. The phone “actually folds in half,” she informs her pal. Flex Mode lets you fold the phone at various angles for hands-free group selfies.

Elena is tempted by the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s features. She said she wouldn’t switch to Samsung since “she loves her phone” Samsung is seemingly trying to tell that Apple has created a lock-in effect to prevent iPhone users from switching to Android even if they want to. Google has similarly accused Apple. Green and blue text bubbles may be familiar.

“Elena” becomes obsessed with her new interest, fighting the impulse to go against her presumably twisted views until… iPhone won’t fold? Order a Z Flip 4!

Samsung’s latest Apple-mocking ad is both entertaining and unsettling, and some iPhone users may find it offensive.

As much as these marketing stunts can widen the difference and increase enmity between Apple and Android users, this commercial’s essential and virtually unquestionable quality is that… it’s extremely funny.

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