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Home » Samsung Mocks iPhone 14 in its latest Ad campaign

Samsung Mocks iPhone 14 in its latest Ad campaign

Samsung Mocks iPhone 14

In an ad that makes fun of Apple, Samsung mocks the iPhone 14 lack of “innovation.”

Next week, Apple will release the iPhone 14, but it won’t have any new features. Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and ZFlip4 suggests as much. This breakthrough isn’t coming to iPhones.

Samsung’s latest promo touts the Galaxy S22 Ultra and ZFlip4’s revolutionary features. It says: “These new features are coming with iPhone 14.”

When Apple’s new product comes out, you’ll be entering a world where heads will turn—but not in your direction. Where a phone’s camera with the highest resolution will be in someone’s pocket. And you won’t get that amazing moonshot that’s getting a lot of likes. Because this new feature won’t be coming to an iPhone near you any time soon. The galaxy already has it.

Samsung mocks Apple’s events and product launches. In 2017, Samsung mocked the iPhone X’s notch, headphone jack, and more. Samsung regularly adopts Apple’s changes and features after mocking them.

The announcer teases iPhone enthusiasts with Galaxy features they won’t get to try. Think you’ll be noticed? Z Flip 4 is the winner. 108MP sensor? You’re losing the megapixel wars. Astrophotography? Apple’s event space concept won’t mean anything without functionality.

It’s good advertising, even if it won’t last long. Samsung makes the best Android phones, and not just foldables. Even though the Galaxy S22 Ultra might not look as cutting edge as the Z Fold4, it is still an amazing device, much better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, months after it came out.

It’s a strange year for Samsung to emphasise its boundary-pushing, though. Samsung has made foldables widespread faster than most expected, but the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 aren’t groundbreaking. Both are incremental updates compared to their last-generation counterparts. They have some great quality-of-life improvements, but nothing that would make even the most dedicated early adopter want to spend another couple thousand dollars just a year later.

Apple will release four new iPhones next week, each employing a 2020 design. Even though the always-on screen and hole-punch FaceID sensors will make Apple fans happy, it’s not a big deal in the Android world. However who knows? Maybe Apple will make its own foldable phone one day.

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