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Samsung Galaxy Self-Repair Program now Available

Samsung Galaxy Self-Repair Program

Samsung Galaxy Self-Repair program initiative lets customers fix their own smartphones. iFixit’s website, Samsung 837, and Samsung retail and service centres offer the service. All customer and connected repair provider prices are the same. Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7 Plus owners can get genuine spare parts from iFixit.

Samsung partnered with iFixit to provide Galaxy users with genuine parts, tools, and guidance. Anyone may buy Samsung displays, batteries, and other parts to fix phones and tablets.

Customers now have free access to visual and written step-by-step repair tutorials. Guides and tools Samsung supplies with each component should make service easier.

Every new Samsung display kit comes with a prepaid return label for broken or spare parts.


Samsung launches a self-repair option for Galaxy devices. The programme will give original smartphone parts. Samsung will recycle used parts. The Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7+ will be eligible this summer. Samsung is working to make smartphone repairs easier. A new self-repair option for smartphones is coming this summer.

Galaxy owners will soon have access to genuine parts, repair tools, and repair guides. They can replace displays, rear glass, and charging connections. After fixing their devices, consumers can send Samsung their old parts to be recycled hence sustainability also ensured.

Parts Cost

You can buy replacement parts or a complete repair kit. Galaxy S21 Ultra screen and battery replacement kits cost $239.99. The Galaxy S20’s screen and battery kit costs $206 more than the Galaxy S21’s.
Charging ports and rear glass cost $67 to $77 depending on the phone and item. Samsung’s phones in Korea have a new repair mode. We hope it expands. It’ll ease your mind when leaving your phone at the repair shop.

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