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Samsung Galaxy S22 is getting a new camera update.

Galaxy S22

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 range are top Android phones. With four rear cameras, the Galaxy S22 Ultra delivers unequalled photo and video versatility. Flexibility makes up for mediocre cameras. Samsung improved the Galaxy S22’s camera in June 2022. Two months later, the business updates its 2022 flagship model to improve imaging.

Samsung posted on its South Korean community forum about the Galaxy S22’s August 2022 update. The telephoto camera now has Hyperlapse mode. Before, only the primary and ultrawide cameras could do this. The company is also working on an “Astronomical Hyperlapse” mode that is currently under development and will arrive later in the year.

As QR codes become more frequent, the Korean giant increased the reading speed and instruction size in the camera app. Previously, you couldn’t reread a QR code’s content without closing the app. Tap on QR codes to rescan them.

Latest Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra update

2022-08-29: Samsung is updating the Galaxy S21 with the Galaxy S22’s camera. According to SamMobile The update is available in South Korea and Germany with firmware versions G99xNKSU3CVH7 and G99xBXXU5CVH7, respectively.

It improves image quality, video quality, and Hyperlapse camera compatibility. It also improves QR code reading and image transmitting and receiving.

According to the changelog, fresh software adds hyperlapse to the 3x telephoto camera. This feature was once only on the primary and ultrawide cameras. Samsung is also developing Astro Hyperlapse for the Galaxy S22 series.

The update also improves the stock camera app’s QR code detection. Samsung says it’s sped up QR code scanning. Previously, the camera app wouldn’t identify a document’s QR code, but now users may tap on it to scan it. The programme lets users rescan a QR code once the first scan fails.

Samsung increased HDR, colour reproduction, and video stabilisation on the Galaxy S22. This has increased the sharpness and contrast of telephoto and ultrawide cameras. The South Korean company optimised the camera app’s memory and AI performance in Night, Photo, and Video modes.

Soon, the firm will increase video image quality, Night mode colours and exposure, and ultra-low-light image quality.

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