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Right now, some people can’t tap and pay with Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Some Google Wallet users can’t pay due to a security problem. Users insist they haven’t rooted or messed with the bootloader.

On unaltered Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices, Reddit users have seen the above prompt. Clearing the Play Store app’s cache hasn’t helped anyone. Users who delete their Google Wallet card registry may lose access.

One plausible but unclear explanation could explain this, but first we must explain the error message.

Previously, when using Google Pay for mobile payments, a device would perform a check using the SafetyNet Attestation API to make sure it wasn’t compromised in ways that would make transmitting sensitive charge card information risky โ€” this primarily means making sure the bootloader’s locked, but modders on custom ROMs would have to patch certain bits and pieces to pass this check. If the device passes, the payment is processed. The aforementioned prompt appears if it fails.

Google wants to replace the SafetyNet Attestation API with Play Integrity by 2024. While third-party developers have a long time to comply with new guidelines, Apple seems keen to go forward with its own apps. Google Wallet โ€” the rebranded old Google Pay app with tap-to-pay functionality, not the new Flutter-based GPay app focused on rewards โ€” is one of the apps that has switched from SafetyNet to Play Integrity as its payment-time security check (a caveat here: one of our colleagues reports his Galaxy S22 Ultra using the old Google Pay app is also affected).


If SafetyNet finds the Play Integrity API, it may deem it uncertified software. The app wouldn’t work.

The error’s cause is unknown, although this explanation seems reasonable. Google must respond.

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