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Redmi Note phones may not include a charger.

Redmi Note Phones

Even Xiaomi’s cheap Redmi Note series may forgo the supplied charger.

One of the most controversial trends in the smartphone industry is the push to get rid of chargers that come with phones. Apple, Samsung, and other high-end brands have already done this.

Now, it looks like Xiaomi’s Redmi Note line, which is aimed at people on a budget, could be the next to stop including chargers. MySmartPrice found a product page for the upcoming Redmi Note 11 SE on Xiaomi’s Indian website. The Redmi Note 11 SE is a rebranded Redmi Note 10S without an adapter.

Other Redmi Note smartphones on Xiaomi’s Indian website all state a charger is included. The outlet states a 33W charger and chord for the phone costs Rs 999 (about $13)

No longer just a Flagship move

This isn’t the first time Xiaomi has taken the charger out of the box. The Mi 11 series from last year was sold in China without an adapter. But you could also buy the phone with the charger in a package, and both packages sold for the same price. So we hope Xiaomi will do this if it decides to take the charger out of the Redmi Note line.

Still, this wouldn’t be the first time a big brand has taken the charger out of a cheap phone. This year, Realme took the charger out of its Narzo 50A Prime device, and Samsung has been taking the adapter out of its Galaxy A series.

Still, readers who were polled don’t like this choice. In March 2022, we asked readers if they would buy a cheap phone that didn’t come with a charger. It turns out that 51.78 percent of people wouldn’t buy a cheap device without an adapter, while about 25 percent said it depended on the phone. If not, 23% of people said they would buy a cheap phone without a charger.

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