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Pill-shaped cutout on any iPhone 14 Pro? See This Trick!

iPhone 14

Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max and its Face ID-enabled notch replacement. Let me take you down memory lane first. If you’re not 9, you’ve seen an iPhone with a home button.

You might debate whether the iPhone is “the best phone in the world,” inventive, or customized. You can always spot an iPhone. Whether on or off, front, back, or sides…

Until 2017, a few essential features and design factors helped the iPhone stand out.

  • Front-facing home button
  • Apple’s back logo
  • iOS and its grid of app icons
  • iPhone ringtone?

Apple decided to remove a feature that made the iPhone appear like an iPhone in order to innovate (and make money) (perhaps the most important one)…

The iPhone X and its home button-less, chin-less display replaced Apple’s iconic home button in 2017. The home button wasn’t only an iPhone design element and Apple’s UI navigation approach… It was your iPhone’s key.

Touch ID has been appreciated by millions since its 2013 introduction on the iPhone 5S. It was the iPhone’s home button, thus… Muchachos, goodbye. Damages.

That’s how the iconic, Face ID-enabled, skateboard-ramp-like notch came about. Face ID is well-known, therefore I won’t go into detail.

Face ID was Apple’s conscious choice as the new iPhone unlocking solution. In 2017, under-display fingerprint readers weren’t a reality, therefore the iPhone X would’ve had a side/back Touch ID button.

None of these alternatives would have done anything than unlock your phone. Apple wanted more. The iPhone would’ve looked… None of the Android-like hardware solutions would have been identifiable enough to be a free iPhone marketing agency.

See iPhone 14 Pill-Shaped Cutout Now!

3D artist Ian Zelbo has created a possible iPhone 14 wallpaper. This wallpaper graphic shows the reported pill-shaped cutout for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

You can try this instead of the notch right now. Download Zelbo’s image (or a screenshot) and make it full-screen. Turn the phone upside down when the Home indicator disappears.

Even before it’s official, you can see the pill-shaped cutout on every iPhone. Given the iPhone SE’s thick bezels, it won’t work well. If you forget about the notch, it feels like the iPhone 14 Pro renders we’ve seen, but in your hands.

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