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OPPO discontinues smartphone charging adapters from selected series in a year.

OPPO Charging Adapters

Oppo was one of the few smartphone makers to provide chargers. Now, it appears the corporation will partially join the industry.

Oppo’s VP of Overseas Sales and Services, Billy Zhang, told Android Police in a group interview that the firm will remove the charger from some boxes. “We’ll remove chargers from various products next year.” Zhang answered, “We have a plan.”

Zhang wouldn’t specify which models will lose the charger, but further comments suggest Oppo may be taking a strategic approach, with some regions getting it and others not.

SuperVOOC chargers aren’t widely available, therefore we keep them in the package. As we develop our business, we’re aiming to take chargers out of the box and place them in the store so our users can continue using them when they upgrade their devices.

OPPO didn’t clarify why some smartphone chargers will be eliminated, although it’s probably the same reason as Apple and Samsung. Many have noted that obtaining an extra charger with another packaging contradicts the goal of reducing e-waste.

According to the comment, Oppo is considering SuperVOOC charger availability while planning its strategy. Since it plans to sell its chargers in stores, may it eventually remove them from all of its devices? We’ll see.

OPPO might copy Xiaomi’s approach. Xiaomi provided phone bundles with or without chargers earlier this year. OPPO’s decision isn’t surprising. It’ll be common shortly. hardwarefirst has more tech news.

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