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OnePlus Nord Watch renders reveal design

OnePlus Nord watch

OnePlus launched the OnePlus Watch more than a year ago. OnePlus plans to launch Nord Watch, another smartwatch, soon.

The device has been certified by BIS, hinting at its launch in India. Now, tipster Mukul Sharma has leaked five renders of the OnePlus Nord Watch, so let’s look.

OnePlus Nord Watch also comes in two sizes. Two models of the smaller watch have a 240240 display. One has a circular controller like a standard smartwatch. One has two, with the top one accented in red. This car looks sportier. OnePlus may offer a cheap, rugged smartwatch.

The two rectangular options look similar, though smaller (as well as aspect ratios). We see the rectangular models’ UI. No word on battery capacity or platform, unfortunately. Only GPS reception is mentioned. It’s unclear how far along all these designs are and if they’re prototypes or ready for production.

These renders also show a rugged circular model. With protective edges, this variant may be for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sharma expects all five watches to cost 5,000 Indian Rupees. In dollars, that’s $63. Given that the current OnePlus Watch costs $159, this estimate seems off. Considering that the Watch cost $159, the significantly lower prices for this Nord series seem (suspiciously?) reasonable, even if they cater to users with different expectations. Even if this leak is true, the Nord Watch models will have a lot to prove after our experience with the original OnePlus Watch.

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