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OnePlus 11 will get Jupiter Edition on March 29

OnePlus 11

On March 29, OnePlus will release a version of the OnePlus 11 that was inspired by Jupiter, the company said via social media. However, the device should not use any of our favorite petrol giant’s parts and should adopt a new design and manufacturing method.

According to the Chinese company’s brochures, the device will be made of a “unique” material that is distinctly distinctive. The company’s president Li Jie had previously made this information public last week.

The publicized photographs confirm what was previously speculated, which was that the “Jupiter Rock Edition” will have a beige appearance on the rear cover. Moreover, texturing must replicate Jupiter’s gaseous surface.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition could be made in marble

No official source has, as of yet, endorsed the unusual information that has been often reported in recent days. Yet, some brand supporters have already theorized that the gadget may be constructed from marble.

After all, according to the source Digital Chat Station, it is a material that has never been utilized in the business and that feels colder to the touch than marble. If the information is accurate, the material will be able to give the item a more upscale finish. It should, however, be heavier than the present models, which come in green or black.

Special editions of OnePlus’ top-of-the-line smartphones have a history. The OnePlus 10 Pro received a ceramic version with a white coating last year. It is now impossible to predict if the list of specs for this updated OnePlus 11 will alter. In the instance of the gadget from the previous year, the special model had 512 GB of storage while the standard ones had just 256 GB.

In addition, the new device is likely to maintain much of the specifications already seen in the traditional OnePlus 11. That means it should have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor aided by up to 16GB of RAM.

The smartphone still features a camera system with components signed by Hasselblad, and a 50 MP Sony IMX890 main sensor. The ultrawide brings 48 MP, while the telephoto has 32 MP and the front has 16 MP.





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