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OnePlus 10T: Supercharging Power?

1plus 10T Battery

OnePlus recently released fewer intriguing phones, shattering its reputation. OnePlus 10T disappointed fans, and many thought the company had lost its taste.

The OnePlus 10T has recovered its supporters’ faith with the debut of its new device on 3 August in the US. This launch will introduce flagship smartphones.

Here are some features, expected pricing, and honest opinions to help you decide whether to buy OnePlus 10T.

Fast charging was announced in the last “deep dive” on the OnePlus Community website before the 10T’s launch. Speed enthusiasts will be able to load this in record time with 150W SuperVOOC Endurance technology.

About the Oneplus 10T Supercharging

The OnePlus 10T can be fully charged in under 20 minutes, according to OnePlus.

The OnePlus 10T comes on August 3 with 150W wired charging. It’s the fastest wired charging OnePlus has ever provided in a phone, matching the India-only OnePlus 10R. It takes 19 minutes to fully charge a 4,800mAh battery and 10 minutes to receive “a day’s worth of power” from it. Europe, India, and “many other territories across the globe has claimed the same statement.

However, North American OnePlus 10T 5G customers will have to “compromise” for 120W charging rates. They are getting the same 4,800mAh battery from empty to full in 20 minutes instead of 19 while still offering “a day’s power” after 10 minutes of plugged-in usage.

What’s more

The 4,800mAh battery and 150W/120W charging capabilities will add to the OnePlus 10T’s “Evolve Beyond Speed” offering, which includes a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 engine, up to 16GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, and the company’s most advanced cooling technologies.

The 5G-enabled 10T will have a triple rear-facing camera arrangement with 50, 16, and 2MP sensors, a 6.7-inch 120Hz Fluid AMOLED display, and no wireless charging.

Moreover, we expect the OnePlus 10T to cost less than the 10 Pro despite its speedier SoC and cable charging.

Overall, the OnePlus 10T is a superb flagship phone with a wonderful pricing. We recommend Oneplus 10T if you like flagship phones.

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