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OnePlus 10T kernel source code and camera fixes released

OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T may be pre-ordered in the U.S. and Canada. OnePlus has done a terrific job distributing software upgrades for the phone so far. The business has previously released two upgrades with bug fixes and security improvements, and it’s currently releasing a third with camera optimizations and August 2022 security patches. All three updates should be accessible when you unbox your device.

OxygenOS A.07 started rolling out a few days ago for the OnePlus 10T global and EU models. The update includes August 2022 Android security fixes, network stability improvements, and camera optimizations. The update enhances the ultra-wide lens’ Night Mode performance and the front camera’s Portrait Mode. Changelog is below.


  • Optimizes game screen touch.
  • Android patch 2022.08 updated.


  • Optimizes Wi-Fi and network experience.
  • Improves communication.


  • Night Mode optimizes ultra-wide lens shooting.
  • Optimizes Portrait Mode’s front camera shooting.
  • Optimizes backlight photography.

Other OnePlus 10T Fixes

  • Other Fixes particular crashes.

We’re still waiting for OnePlus’ OxygenOS 13 software to be updated on the 10T. This is the company’s skin on Android 13, which is already on Pixel devices. OnePlus started testing OxygenOS 13 on the 10 Pro.

Second beta available to Europe, India, and North America. The testing phase improved security and privacy, performance, and Aquamorphic Design.

We expect OxygenOS 13 for the OnePlus 10T later this year. U.S. users may already preorder the smartphone, which supports AT&T 5G.

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