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Nothing Phone 1 teardown reveals Glyph’s disappointing interface.

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone is the only device worth seeing a deconstruction of (1). The Nothing Phone (1) is disassembled in the most current video released to JerryRigEverything’s YouTube channel, following its scratch, bend, and burn tests.

The Nothing Phone (1) is a singular device in that its whole assembly is devoted to the device’s appearance. The Glyph grid is composed of thousands of tiny LED lights. After removing the adhesive surrounding the exterior glass, it is now possible to determine how the Nothing Phone (1) is put together.

The Nothing Phone (1)’s back is covered in plastic panels. However. after removing some panels (some were merely held by glue), the Glyph lamp diffuser stickers, and the remaining screws, we can see the phone’s inside.

YouTuber praises sticky pull-tabs for making battery replacement easier. LED illumination, buttons, and ports appear removable, however disassembly requires removing the rear panel’s glue and disassembling Glyph.

Furthermore, plastic panels cover the Nothing Phone’s (1) back. After removing many panels (some were glued by glue), Glyph light diffuser stickers, and screws, the phone’s innards revealed.

Question? Adhesive. All rear panels touching the cover glass only attached with adhesive strips – hardly the most secure or durable approach. Moreover even the Glyph LED diffuser strips are fastened with tape. However if you do that, you’ll have a wicked mod. Or change the filament color. Factory-grade machines might help.

Don’t blame us if Nothing voids your warranty if you do this. However if you’re a tinkerer, you have another excuse to play with your new phone.

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