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Nothing indicates when the Ear Stick will be released

Nothing EarStick

At London Fashion Week on September 21, the Ear Stick was teased by Nothing, based in London. On October 26, the business will hold a live unveiling event for its new next-generation earbuds.

The Ear Stick’s charging case debuted during London Fashion Week. The charging case’s cylindrical shape was reportedly influenced by current cosmetics. Nothing hid its updated earphones.

The Ear Stick should be available soon. Nothing hasn’t announced a live Ear Stick reveal. The event will be online Oct. 26 @ 7:00 PM PT.

Independently gathered information suggests that even with Bluetooth 5.2 support, not much will actually change in terms of specifications between the Ear and Ear (1).

Nevertheless, the claim that these earbuds will deliver Nothing’s “most advanced sound experience yet” suggests that these Stick buds are probably up to something interesting. noise cancellation that is active new codec assistance? They might float in midair.

While Pei’s involvement has always ensured a good baseline when it comes to the tech aspect of its products, Nothing is fashion forward. However, given that the brand is currently aiming for an audience below the premium fold, price may be a limiting factor. As such, it will be interesting to see how the Ear walks the walk.

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