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New Spotify Premium subscribers get three months free. Here’s how

New Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium newcomers get three free months. New solo and student customers get three free months, while Duo and family subscribers get one. Former Premium subscribers can’t resubscribe for $9.99, but those who cancelled before July 15 can.

New offer valid till September 11th. After the trial, subscribers will be charged full price. Subscribe at

This transaction could help Spotify raise its membership numbers while the firm pauses hiring due to economic worries. The platform’s overall user base rose to 433 million from 422 million in Q1.

Spotify recently added additional features. Paid subscribers now have a play/shuffle button. The corporation has begun separating podcasts and music. Spotify HiFi remains elusive.

How to get 3 months free premium?

Spotify’s free Premium trial ends September 11. If you don’t cancel before the trial finishes, your subscription will renew at the usual monthly fee.

Spotify’s website offers a three-month trial.

Apple Music, Spotify’s primary rival, doesn’t provide a free trial, although the tech giant periodically offers free months if you join up for another service or buy a product. Verizon and Best Buy both offer limited-time free Apple Music trials.

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